Hot New Books

January 25th, 2016

01-25 Dressmaker's War The Dressmaker’s War
by Mary Chamberlain
F C4434d
Brought to Paris by an Austrian aristocrat who disappears when World War II breaks out, Ada, a talented dressmaker, survives by working for Nazi wives and is forced to endure the consequences of her choices years later.
01-25 Bitter Season The Bitter Season
by Tami Hoag
F H6785b
While Nikki spends time with her family and misses more satisfying work with her former partner, Sam struggles with a rookie new partner and investigates a double homicide before unexpectedly teaming up with Nikki to stop a threat against a former foster child.
01-25 Orphan X Orphan X
by Gregg Hurwitz
F H967o
Using his skills as an elite former agent and assassin to advocate anonymously for desperate people, Evan Smoak finds himself pursued by someone with comparable training who would exploit his life of service to find and eliminate him.
01-25 Expatriates The Expatriates
by Janice Y. K. Lee
F L4784e
A traumatized college graduate, a lonely housewife, and a burned-out mother of three endure the challenges of their respective demons and families in the face of unexpected consequences within their American expat community in Hong Kong.
01-25 Medicis Daughter Médicis Daughter
by Sophie Perinot
F P4453m
Summoned to the sixteenth-century French court in the aftermath of a devastating religious war, beautiful young Princess Margot struggles between the manipulations of her ruthless mother, Catherine de Médicis, and her own conscience.
01-25 My Name Is Lucy Barton My Name Is Lucy Barton
by Elizabeth Strout
F S9253m
After an appendix operation puts her in the hospital, New York writer Lucy Barton reconnects with her estranged mother as the pair reminisce about the past.
01-25 Killing in the Cafe The Killing in the Café
by Simon Brett
M B845k
When a badly decomposing body on a beach is connected to a local cafe that the Fethering residents are trying to save, Carole and Jude are on the case.
01-25 Forty Thieves Forty Thieves
by Thomas Perry
M P465fo
Husband and wife detectives Sid and Ronnie Abel are called in to investigate the murder of scientist James Ballantine, while married assassins Ed and Nicole Hoyt are hired by mysterious contractors to keep the details of Ballantine’s death a secret.
01-25 Scandalous Behavior Scandalous Behavior
by Stuart Woods
M W8971sb
New York City cop-turned-Manhattan law firm rainmaker Stone Barrington confronts a particularly challenging adversary whose nefarious schemes test the limits of Barrington’s skills.
01-25 Been There, Done That Been There, Done That: Family Wisdom for Modern Times
by Al Roker and Deborah Roberts
158.2 R742
Life lessons from bestselling author and Today show personality Al Roker and his wife, globetrotting ABC news journalist Deborah Roberts.
01-25 Criminal That I Am Criminal That I Am: A Memoir
by Jennifer Ridha
345.73 R544
Follows a talented young lawyer as she becomes romantically involved with a convicted drug felon, the son of film actor Michael Douglas, and commits a crime on his behalf, resulting in professional self-destruction and the ultimately transformative consequences that came after.
01-25 Fight for the Forgotten Fight for the Forgotten: How A Mixed Martial Artist Stopped Fighting For Himself and Started Fighting For Others
by Justin Wren with Loretta Hunt
361.7632 W945
From UFC fighter, Justin Wren, comes a personal account of redemption, empowerment, and overwhelming love as one man sets out on an mission to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.
01-25 Coal Wars Coal Wars: The Future of Energy and the Fate of the Planet
by Richard Martin
363.7571 M382
Argues that, to limit catastrophic climate change, a solution must be found to power the world with less polluting energy sources, and explains how such a change would affect the coal industry.
01-25 They All Love Jack They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper
by Bruce Robinson
364.1523 J126r
A reinterpretation of the case of Jack the Ripper focuses on the “why” instead of the “who,” theorizing that the residents of London society’s finest homes created him as an outlet for their own hidden violent and taboo proclivities.
01-25 Vegetarian India Vegetarian India: A Journey through the Best of Indian Home Cooking
by Madhur Jaffrey
641.5954 J23v
A collection of Indian vegetarian recipes from the award-winning chef, with options for soups, dals, grains, eggs and dairy, chutneys, and desserts, and a separate section on ingredients.
01-25 Motherless Child Motherless Child: The Definitive Biography of Eric Clapton
by Paul Scott
781.66 C589s
Motherless Child is the ultimate celebration and definitive biography of one of the most influential musicians alive today. An essential read for any Clapton fan.
01-25 Lady Bird and Lyndon Lady Bird and Lyndon: The Hidden Story of a Marriage That Made a President
by Betty Boyd Caroli
973.923 J673c
In Lady Bird and Lyndon, Caroli restores misunderstood Lady Bird to her rightful place in American history, painting a vivid portrait of a marriage with complex, but familiar and identifiable overtones.
01-25 Maggie Smith Maggie Smith: A Biography
by Michael Coveney
92 S655c
Shines a light on the life of the remarkable performer whose stage and screen career spans six decades and who is most recently known from her brilliant performance in Downton Abbey.

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